Highlights from the 2017 MHC convention and Haunted Hoochie tour. Featuring Closed Casket Studios, Spider Hill Prop Works, Haunt Dawgs, the Froggy's Fog swamp room, the Costume Ball and other tomfoolery. Haunt convention walk-through highlights.

What's New?

  • We've changed our color scheme to improve viewability. While I love the black background, by being so dark, it's more difficult to read the awesome posts that our members are sharing. This new color scheme is brighter, and really makes the text and images jump right off of the page.
  • Haunter's Host Beta went live late last month. We are offering a 30% recurring discount on hosting with Haunter's Host and advertising on Haunter's Web.

One thing we all have in common is a (slightly obsessive) love for Halloween. Before the horror, before the gore, before the scary movies there was our favorite holiday with its trick-or-treating, delicious candy, costumes, Halloween decorations, haunted houses, etc.

We now have a proper intro and credit template for our videos. It's short and sweet. I learned more about iMovie today than I've learned all year. I hope you like it.

Happy Haunting,


Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 03:43 PM

What's New?

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