ATMOSfx 3DFX Form Review

Once we returned from HAuNTcon, I finally got around to testing out the ATMOSfx 3DFX Form that I received as a door prize at one of Dr. Terror Eye's Seminar's. The Form was a bit difficult to inflate the body portion because it has a smaller valve, however, the base was quite easy. I used my air-mattress pump, which I would highly recommend. The fabric is a light grey color and feels like it's good quality. It's rectangular, and large enough to fit over a window for the window projection. The Package came with a coupon for a free video from The site is pretty nice and we looked through many video's until we finally settled on the Wicked Wraith - TV/Wall/3DFX Prop. The video quality is great and projected onto the Form looks very professional.

Here are a couple pics and a short video of the form and the video.