Scarefest Celebrities, Horror Fandom & Halloween Expo 2017 in retrospect

This year we had a booth at Scarefest and weren't really sure what to expect. I'm happy to say that it was awesome. Thank you to all that stopped by and checked out our handmade handcrafted Halloween and Haunt themed pieces. We worked really hard to step up our booth layout and to get Mr. Handsy 2 with arm movement and sound finished up in time. Mr. Handsy was well received and worked like a charm. My son came and helped man the booth on Saturday, and the Staph was wonderful watching my booth while I took a break and grabbed lunch or bringing water over from time to time.

I was happy to meet up with some old friends, Courtney Mroch with Haunt Jaunts and Bre with Tennessee Horror News and Promotions. Hopefully we get a chance to hang out a bit more at our next event together. You should totally look these two talented fellow Haunt entutiasts out. They're an active part of the haunt community, and have some really great content on their sites.

I met Lee Davis who plays Calypso Clown and is a kindrid spirit that makes his own props and cosumes. His clown cosume is fabulous, as is his tall 4 legged creature. You should check out his facebook page. I also met Drew Badger with the Big Scary Show. We were both at the Halloween and Hauntfest last month in Mesquite, TX, but hadn't formally met yet. It was great meeting him and chatting. He stopped by and interviewed me on Saturday, which was pretty exciting for me. I've listened to his podcast in the past, so it was a great honor to be interviewed by Drew.

We're looking forward to our next event which is the October Twilight in the Triangle in Lexington, KY at the Woodland Triangle on Oct 13th and Octoberfest in Downtown Harrodsburg, KY on Oct 14th and 15th. We've got two more events after that, that we'll post more about later.

That's it for now.

Happy Haunting,