What's going on at Halloween24x7?

You may have noticed that we're posting a lot more nowadays. That's because we are really excited about the things that we're working on and want to share our creative process and hopefully inspire others to create and share. We've had some great chats with our fellow Halloween and Haunt enthusiasts which has helped give us a second wind and the motivation to keep on pushing forward.

Since we have a lot of art fairs and Halloween / Haunt Conventions coming up starting at the beginning of August, our goal is to complete all of our builds by the beginning of the month. While that likely won't become a reality, as long as a majority of our work is wrapped-up, we should be able to stay on-track. Here are a bunch of progress pics showing some of what we're up to. I'm not affiliated with Smooth-On, I just use some of their products. I am citing them as a reference if you want to do a similar project:

  • We made flexible foam castings using FlexFoamiT! 17 by Smooth-On from silicone glove molds that we made earlier in the week.
  • We made Life-Casts of our hands using Alja-Safe by Smooth-on. While I understand that this adds a couple steps. It takes 10 min per hand using Alginate and it would take an hour per hand using silicone. My models were not keen on the idea of sitting for hours, so Alginate won, hands down.
  • We've made some Apothecary Jar Candles
  • We've got some Apothecary and Pirate Jars in-progress
  • We've made a few Baby Doll Head Candle Holders
  • I sculpted the Halloween and Hauntfest logo and made a mold so that I can use it for the class that I'm teaching on Mold Making and Cold Casting in August.
  • Last but not least, we built a roto-caster. I don't know if we'll have time to use it anytime soon, but I'm certainly looking forward to giving it a whirl.

I plan to share in a variety of tutorials that I'll start working on once things slow down in November. Here's a bit of what you might be seeing more of from me:

  • Writing Product Descriptions
  • Creating a Web Site / E-Commerce store (Halloween24x7.com)
  • Writing Blog Entries
  • Creating a Newsletter
  • Creating a Community site (HauntersWeb.com)
  • Sharing Content on various social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Starting a Web Host (HauntersHost.com)
  • Writing Software (Running a Freelance Software Company)
  • Designing an Oversized Costume
  • Taking Product Photos
  • Making Poured Silicone Molds
  • Making Silicone Glove Molds
  • Metal Cold-Casting
  • Resin Casting (Similar to Metal Cold-Casting)
  • Alginate Life-Casting
  • and more...

Let me know what you would like to hear/learn more about and I'll bump it up on my list.

So... We now have a lot of new products on our website. Please check us out and leave some feedback in the comments if you feel inclined.

Happy Haunting,