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At Mostlydead.com we carry hundreds of foam latex prosthetics, many kinds of makeup, fake blood and other sfx materials, transfers and costume accessories to complete your character. 

A portion of our prosthetics are manufactured in-house and some are available only at mostlydead.com.  Among these, here are some of our of our favorite exclusive pieces. Leave a comment if you have any questions, or just check our website for more information.

"Slack Jaw" is a withered up zombie with a broken jaw, missing teeth and one bulging eye.
Slack Jaw
Gill Man is a raw foam latex prosthetic mask of a Creature from the Black Lagoon looking character with pointed teeth and scaled skin
Gill Man
Chopper Charlie is a raw foam latex prosthetic mask that has half of his face torn off, showing the muscle and bone underneath.
Chopper Charlie 
Ringmaster is a raw foam latex prosthetic mask that has a long chin and bulbous nose with deep, craggy wrinkles in his face.
Ringmaster (pictured with Troll ears, sold separately)
Turtle boy is a raw foam latex prosthetic mask that has a very turtle-like or  amphibious face with large mouth, furrowed brow and small, but prominent nostrils.
Turtle boy

These are only a few of the exclusives we sell, but if you want something unique, check out our website, mostlydead.com to see everything we have to offer. If you see something you like that's out of stock, feel free to drop us a line or give a call to find out when it's expected back in stock, or you can just sign up for an email notification.  Have fun and Happy Haunting!! 💀