Haunter's Web Newsletter - Issue 3

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Haunter's Web Member Blogs

Halloween24x7 Booth

The Kentucky Wine and Vine Fest Art Walk walk was a great success!

Thanks for coordinating and arranging the event for us Connie Grayson we really appreciate all that you do. We had a great time and and had a nice turnout on such a beautiful day.

Our Baby Doll Head Candle Holders were a hit and sold out during the event, so we're making more today.

I may have a lead on a new coffin, so, it doesn't get any better than that.

Thanks go out to all that visited our booth and especially to those that walked away with a nice Halloween piece.

Submitted by Halloween24x7

My Haunt Life Podcast - Episode 49 - 60 Out, Our Freakling Brother Warren, Revisiting The Nest, Box of Dread, and The Lust Experience: Payback and Companions

In this episode, we head to 60 Out to do two of their escape rooms at their Melrose location (Grandma's Masterplan and The Hangover). Russell heads to Vegas and is able to meet up with and have a short interview with one of our favorite tormentors, Warren Ross, of the Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror/The Victim Experience.

Submitted by My Haunt Life

Escapade Game's "Zoe" Escape Room is a Truly Immersive Horror Story

Escapade Game's "Zoe" Escape Room is a Truly Immersive Horror Story

“We came, we escaped, we crapped our pants – Mike – My Haunt Life” “I did NOT scream like a girl…over and over – Russell – My Haunt Life” 

Submitted by My Haunt Life

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I have been a horror fanatic since the age of 6. I am a mother of 6 and have gotten all my kids into horror films.

Brice Carpenter

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Haunter's Web Newsletter - Issue 3