I'm AGING!!! | Halloween Happy

Just a girl who appreciates Halloween daily!Hello there! Welcome to Halloween Happy! So you love Halloween?? Well we are going to be great friends! My name is Sam and I am the gal behind Halloween Happy. Friends wonder where the heck my obsession of Halloween came from. It just has always been in my soul really. When I was a little girl, I had journals that were filled with costume ideas, Halloween activites, stories and drawings. I remember the Halloween parties we had in elementary school, those were my favorite days. The best part was my mom would make my costume each year. She did this until I had the patience to learn and help her so she wouldn't have to do it alone. To this day, I still ask for her help. I'm sure she wonders when the hell am I going to learn to thread a sewing machine but that's beside the point! October alone melts my heart. I am always so happy, I could explode with eeks, shrieks and bat themed confetti! You know the kind. I love spending time creat