HAWTHORNE FAMILY MURDERED: An intruder armed with a knife broke into Flower Mound’s Hawthorne Manor Halloween night and murdered Lord Archibald and Lady Edith Hawthorne and three of their four children. According to the Denton County Sheriff’s office, an unidentified intruder entered the home through a ground floor window and proceeded to the parlor. The intruder repeatedly stabbed and slashed the couple before proceeding to the children's bedrooms, where they were murdered in their beds as they slept. Abigail, the youngest of the Hawthorne children, was the only one to survive the brutal attack. It is believed that she witnessed the murder of her three older brothers. The intruder has not been caught at this time. Abigail has been placed in the care of the State and Hawthorne Manor has been abandoned. Residents are asked to stay away from the Manor until it can be demolished on December 15th.

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