HAuNTcon 2017

I received the final parts, and some m&m's on Tuesday to finish up the flicker circuit. I was very excited to finish it and try it out, and I must say, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for the wonderful class Dr. Terror Eyes.

We went to HAuNTcon 2017 and had a great time taking classes and talking to fellow haunt enthusiasts. I was interviewed by Doug with VFX during the costume ball while wearing my Mr. Handsy costume. Doug was a lot of fun to interview with. Here's the interview. It should start at 23 minutes 7 seconds for my interview. I can't wait until HAuNTcon 2018 so that I can hang out with the new friends that I made and make more friends.

I took a great class with Dr. William Ramsay learning how to create a flicker circuit to imitate old wiring. The circuit is quite simple and is quick to build. Ultimately, you can plug an incandescent or LED bulb into either one of the plugs to get a different flicker rate. This is an awesome way to add to a haunt ambiance without spending too much money.

Last night was the HAuNTcon costume ball and it was a blast!

The DJ rocked it out. They had lots of food and drink and Froggy's fog picked up the beer tab. We took a bunch of pics with some awesome characters. To finish the night, my Mr. Handsy won "Most Creative" costume, which was an absolute honor for me to receive.